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Maroll Kingdom is a modified version of the classic game, with some mechanics slightly altered to provide players with a fresh and exciting experience. One of the key changes is that players can switch to their chosen class right away, without needing to level up to Level 99 and be reborn. This allows players to dive into the game and start exploring the world of Maroll Kingdom right away.

In addition, characters in Maroll Kingdom start with the maximum points of Skills and Stats to distribute, as well as a base of 99 Hit and 99 Flee (not considering 1 Agi and 1 Dex). The base MaxHP and MaxSP are already maximized, but these values will not increase when the character levels up, unlike in the classic version of the game. Note that gear and skill level requirements have been preserved, so players will still need to progress through the game and earn the right to use the most powerful items and abilities.

The experience calculation has also undergone a small modification in Maroll Kingdom, providing players with more opportunities to progress through the game and reach the highest levels of power. Overall, these changes provide a fresh and exciting twist on the classic game, and offer players a new way to experience the world of Maroll Kingdom.

Basic Status

Basic Status has not undergone any significant changes in its formula. The main difference is how Skill Points, Stats Points, Base Hit, Base Flee, MaxHp and MaxSp are calculated. The maximum level is 99/70.

Status Modification
MaxHP & MaxSP Fixed to maximum according to char class and do not vary by Base Level.
Base Hit & Base Flee The Base Hit and Flee is 99 and do not vary by Base Level
Status & Skill Points Fixed to maximum and do not vary by Base and Job Level.


The same Stalker Lv 1/1 (left) and Level 76/40 (right) have very similar stats and substats. What makes them slightly different is the stat bonus added from the Job Level.

Level 1/1 Stalker Level 76/40 Stalker
Stalker Lv 1-1.png Stalker Lv 74-41.png
The only difference between a player Lv 1/1 and LV 74/41 is the Job Level Stat Bonus.


  • Base Level is still important so you can equip gear that requires a minimum level.
  • Eden Headquarter hunting quests are available only for characters Lv. 60 or above.
  • PvP Party Deathmatch gates are divided by Base Level minimum required.
  • Minimum Base Level 18 is required to join battlegrounds.
  • Job Level still give stat bonus according to the class.
  • Job Level is still relevant to some skills such as Blitz Beat, Weapon Refine and Berserk.

Experience Formula

Experience Formula: Only 60% of Base Exp are given and 31% of Job Exp

In Maroll Kingdom, players start at a higher level of power compared to the classic game, so a new formula for experience is needed to provide a balanced and fair progression experience. The adjustment is designed to be simple and intuitive, and it is based on the server's base rates of 5x/5x for experience and item drops.

When a player kills a monster, the total experience received is based on the percentage of the base experience that is proportional to the character's level. For example, if a player is level 60/31, they will receive 60% of the monster's base experience and 31% of the monster's job experience. This means that players will receive a greater proportion of experience as they reach higher levels, allowing them to continue progressing through the game at a consistent pace. Overall, this new formula provides a more balanced and fair experience for players in Maroll Kingdom.


In the image, the player has @showexp active and used @monsterinfo Grizzly so he can check the monster information.

Note the Base Exp: 16.705 and Job Exp: 10.060 but instead, player has only gained Base Exp 10.023 and Job Exp 3.118.

Player LV. 60 / 31
Grizzly Mob Base Exp Formula Final Exp
Base Exp 16.705 60% 10.023
Job Exp 10.060 31% 3.118


  • This experience formula only applies when killing monsters.
  • All items that modify experience are calculated after this base calculation.

Party Share

The level range for sharing exp within a party is 30 and the maximum number of member is 30.

The monster experience is increased 15% per attacker. That is, every additional attacker to the monster makes it give this much more experience.

eg. 5 people attack, +(15*4)% -> +60%.


  • The monster experience bonus is capped at 12 members.