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Prize Medal Shop is located inside Event Arena

Prize Medal.gif Prize Medal is obtained in Monster Race.

The Shop is located inside Event Arena.


Medalshop headgear.png

Pet Egg

Flail Goblin, Hammer Goblin, Knife Goblin, Red Deleter and Spring Rabbit Egg are all aesthetic only. Pets that add bonuses are obtained randomly by opening a Wrapped Pet Egg.

Medalshop petegg.png

Pet Gear

All kind of Pet Gears can be bought for 3 x Prize Medal.gif Prize Medals each.


All kind of Dyestuff can be bought for 5 x Prize Medal.gif Prize Medals each.

Dyestuff Sprite
Scarlet Dyestuffs 975.gif
Lemon Dyestuffs 976.gif
Cobaltblue Dyestuffs 978.gif
Darkgreen Dyestuffs 979.gif
Orange Dyestuffs 980.gif
Violet Dyestuffs 981.gif
White Dyestuffs 982.gif
Black Dyestuffs 983.gif


Medalshop costumes.png