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Normal monsters and Bosses are classified from A to F in Maroll Kingdom .

Higher class means they mob is stronger and have better loot, while lower class monsters are weaker and more abundant but have worse loot.

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Miscellaneous (F)

Weaker mobs can be encountered in the Courtyard area or as slaves controlled by other mobs. They are all Class F.

Monster Sprite Class Found
Stainer 1174.gif F Courtyard Map
Sasquatch 1243.gif F Leib Olmai Slave

Eden Headquarter (E)

All mobs residing in the Eden HQ Dungeons are classified as Class E. Some of them can also be found as slaves controlled by other mobs.

Monster Sprite Class Element
Desert Wolf Desert Wolf.gif E Fire
Firelock Soldier Firelock Soldier .gif E Undead
Geographer Geographer.gif E Earth

Monster Stadium & Element Arena (D~A)

At the entrances of each Monster Stadium dungeon there is a sample of each monster

Monster from class A to D are spawned in Monster Stadium and Element Arena dungeons.

In this example below, a Demon dungeon have been generated in The Lowest Cave in Glastheim B1 (gl_dun01).

Monster Sprite Class Race
Frus Frus.gif A Demon
Loli Ruri Loli Ruri.gif B Demon
Evil Nymph Evil Nymph.gif C Demon
Baphomet Jr. Baphomet Jr..gif D Demon

MvP Class

All bosses have classes such as normal monster however there is a special Class Bio.

Each MvP has it own drop you can check below however a MvP Scroll is need to summon it at MvP Room.

MvP Table
Class Bio Class A Class B Class C Class D Class E
Lord Knight Seyren Kiel D-01 Lord of Death Dracula Incantation Samurai Golden Thief Bug
Assassin Cross Eremes Fallen Bishop Vesper Turtle General Ygnizem Eddga
Whitesmith Howard Gloom Under Night Baphomet Drake Mistress Moonlight Flower
High Priest Margaretha Valkyrie Randgris Dark Lord Osiris Doppelganger Maya
High Wizard Katherine Ktullanux Boitata Thanatos Knight of Windstorm Phreeoni
Sniper Cecil Beelzebub Amon Ra Pharaoh Evil Snake Lord Tao Gunka
- Ifrit Datale Lady Tanee Gorynych Garn
- - Atroce Orc Lord Bacsojin -
- - - Orc Hero - -
- - - RSX 0806 - -
MvP Scroll List
Item Spr. MvP
MvP-E Scroll MvP-E Scroll.gif Class E
MvP-D Scroll MvP-D Scroll.gif Class D
MvP-C Scroll MvP-C Scroll.gif Class C
MvP-B Scroll MvP-B Scroll.gif Class B
MvP-A Scroll MvP-A Scroll.gif Class A
MvP-Bio Soul MvP-A Scroll Bio Class