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MvP Room

The sealed dungeon is a place of great power and danger. It was sealed by holy magic centuries ago, but now it can be accessed by those brave enough to face its challenges. In order to summon the bosses that lurk within, you must use a MVP Scroll and process it into magic. There are 8 summoning rooms available for booking, and access can be shared with your guild, party, or anyone else you choose. The loot has been modified to include the Special Combo Set gears, making it a valuable place to explore. Will you be able to survive the sealed dungeon and claim its riches?


Go to Trinity Church and talk to the Crusader close to the entrance. He will warp your to the middle of the circle portal. After some seconds you will be automatically teleported to MvP Room.

MvP Room Entrance

MvP Scroll

A scroll item is need to summon a MvP. You can exchange Monster Coin for MvP Scroll in the Coin Trader Shop

MvP Scroll List
Item Spr. MvP Coin Trader Exchange
MvP-E Scroll MvP-E Scroll.gif Class E 15 x Monster Coin
MvP-D Scroll MvP-D Scroll.gif Class D 35 x Monster Coin
MvP-C Scroll MvP-C Scroll.gif Class C 80 x Monster Coin
MvP-B Scroll MvP-B Scroll.gif Class B 115 x Monster Coin
MvP-A Scroll MvP-A Scroll.gif Class A 200 x Monster Coin
MvP-Bio Soul MvP-A Scroll Bio Class 275 x Monster Coin

Summoning MvP

Summoning Room - Guild Shared

The Gatekeeper is responsible for summoning MVP. You have to select the Room Permit, Spot and MvP.

There are 8 summoning rooms in total. The player who want to invoke the mvp must choose if the Summoning Room is going to be Guild Shared, Party Shared or Individual.

After a short delay, a public warp portal will be opened in the selected summoning room entrance and after some seconds will turn into a flag.

If a player who has permission to enter click on the flag, he can choose between Warp Inside or open the Public Wap Portal again.

MvP Gatekeeper - Summoning confirmation

Summoning Room

The summoning room is the spot where MvP is spawned. You can enter a summoning room either by entering a public warp portal or clicking on the Flag if you character have the room permission.

Stormy Knight has been summoned on Southeast Spot.

MvP Loot

Drops from bosses have been changed completely. You can check every drop on our Database. Killing bosses is the main way to get Combo Set gears.

Click on boss to check drop list.

Class Bio Class A Class B Class C Class D Class E
Lord Knight Seyren Kiel D-01 Lord of Death Dracula Incantation Samurai Golden Thief Bug
Assassin Cross Eremes Fallen Bishop Vesper Turtle General Ygnizem Eddga
Whitesmith Howard Gloom Under Night Baphomet Drake Mistress Moonlight Flower
High Priest Margaretha Valkyrie Randgris Dark Lord Osiris Doppelganger Maya
High Wizard Katherine Ktullanux Boitata Thanatos Knight of Windstorm Phreeoni
Sniper Cecil Beelzebub Amon Ra Pharaoh Evil Snake Lord Tao Gunka
- Ifrit Datale Lady Tanee Gorynych Garn
- - Atroce Orc Lord Bacsojin -
- - - Orc Hero - -
- - - RSX 0806 - -


MvP Gopinich Database

Forbidden Skills

MvP are not able to use teleport skills inside MvP Room so the players skills above are not allowed.

Skill Icon
Teleportation Skill Teleportation.png
Ice Wall Skill Ice Wall.png
Intimidate Skill Intimidate.png
Spider Web Skill Spider Web.png
Ankle Snare File:Ht anklesnare.gif