Survival Hourglass

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PvP Survival Hourglass @joinpvp
PvP Survival Hourglass Arena

The PvP Survival Hourglass is a rotating PvP mode where players can join either the Offensive or Supportive team.

The objective of the Supportive team is to survive, while the Offensive team's goal is to prevent the Supportive team from staying alive.

Battles are always evenly matched, with participants evenly distributed. There are no uneven matchups like 8vs5 or 3vs1.

If an uneven queue is set up, the remaining difference between teams will automatically be assigned to the Beholder position. The Beholder can only spectate the match and will receive the same prize as the losing team.

The match lasts for up to 15 minutes. If any player from the Supportive team survives for 4 minutes, the match ends and the Supportive team wins. Otherwise, if this condition is not met, the Offensive team wins when the time is up.



If a player joins the Offensive team, their objective is to eliminate the Supportive team's players to prevent them from surviving for more than 4 consecutive minutes.


When a player joins the Supportive team, their sole objective is to survive for as long as possible. If a player manages to survive for 4 minutes straight, the entire team wins.

It's worth noting that if a supportive player has only 1 minute left to achieve victory, they will receive an Aura indicating that they are in a favorable position, close to winning.


A player can opt to become a Beholder, or they will be automatically assigned if the queue is uneven.

A Beholder will solely observe the match until its conclusion and will receive the same prize as the losing team.


Reward List
Team Item Amount
Winner BG Badge.gifBravery Badge 50 ea
BG Badge.gifValor Badge 50 ea
Loser BG Badge.gifBravery Badge 50 ea