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Flavius Battlegrounds
Tierra Gorge
Kreiger Von Midgard
GvG Arena


Stone Control

In Stone Control, collect all of the stones located in the middle of the battlefield, and return them to your base in their proper stone locations. Each collected stone will grant points to your team. The first team to reach 99 points will win the match! Be certain to protect your stones from being captured by the opposing team!

  • Character walking speed reduced to 70% while carrying stone.

Capture the Flag

The objetive of the Capture the Flag is to score 3 points before your enemy, by capturing their Flag. To capture a Flag, you must bring the enemy Flag into your Base. If your Flag is captured, you need to kill the carrier and take the Flag back to your Base.

  • Character walking speed reduced to 70% while carrying stone.

Tierra Gorge


This Mode has 3 Bases; North, South and Center. Teams can capture them by holding position in place longer than the enemy. Each Base will give you points every 5 seconds of Domination. The first Team to reach 99 points wins the game.

  • Commonly in Domination players have to choose their warp chatroom while in the healing room. In Maroll Kingdom you can chose the chatroom to warp to your base just after you leave healing room. No need rush.

Note your team still need to own the base. If not, the chatroom is disabled.

Chatrooms teleports you to the selected base (if owned)

Kreiger Von Midgard

Team Deathmatch

In Team Death Match, you must kill all the enemy players on the other team to ensure the enemy scores as few points as possible. Protect your army to the best of your ability! The number of points needed to win will scale based on the number of players who participate in Team Death Match.



In Conquest, you will have two tactics you can employ which are similar in nature to a WoE SE simulation: If you are attacking, focus on destroying the enemy's defenses, along with their flag. Should you focus on defending, work to protect your base, along with your own flag.

  • Castle Minimap with Guardian Stones and Emperium viewpoints.
  • Guardian stones viewpoints (white) disappears when they down.
  • Added a green viewpoint option on defending team warp flags to show on mini-map where the flag warps you.
  • Emperium breaker get 2 points on Emperium Ranking
Battlegrounds Conquest Minimap
Battlegrounds Conquest Defending Flag Green Viewpoint


Rush is a fight to capture the castle base and organize your team to defend it, which is similar in nature to a WoE FE simulation: To begin, both teams are spawned inside of a FE castle, and must quite literally “rush” to break the Emperium inside. Once the Emperium has been broken, both teams will remain where they are and will take new tactical postures: the team which broken the Emperium will be on defense! Should your team fail on the first capture attempt, you will need to kill the defending team and recover to claim victory.

  • Castle Minimap for all
  • Match starts on healing room instead of castle directly.
  • Skills and items are enabled on healing room
  • Emperium breaker get 1 point on Emperium Ranking
Battlegrounds Rush Minimap

GvG Arena

Storming of the Crown [Custom ]

In the start of the match a Treasure Chest with a crown inside will spawns in the middle of the map. After the first player breaks he gets the crown and can't use skills and items anymore. For every 3 seconds the players holds the crown the points increases by one. The frist team to reach 99 points wins the game. Or the team with most score if time up.

Battlegrounds Storming of the Crown