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Welcome to Maroll Kingdom Wiki 0.8.3

The main page contains summaries of the game modifications. Click on the desired page to read more about it at the left sidebar or related pages table.

Maroll Kingdom

World Map (Beta)


Maroll Kingdom is a modification of the classic game, focusing on Player vs. Player content.

Players can choose their desired class right away, without needing to grind for rebirth. Status and skill points start maximized and remain this way, even when leveling up, allowing players to engage in PvP from their first day on the server.

The game offers several PvP arena modes, a custom battleground, and a unique GvG system called War of Factions.

Players can earn experience points, rewards, and zeny by participating in battlegrounds and PvP.


Maroll Kingdom is a far-off land of adventure and excitement, located beyond the borders of Rune Midgard. The kingdom is in need of a new ruler, as the current king, Marcel Marollo VII, has fallen ill and is unable to continue ruling. In order to ensure that the kingdom is in good hands, King Marcel has declared that two of his sons, Prince Guillaume and Prince Croix, will compete in a battle to determine who will be the next king.

To prepare for the appointed battle, the kingdom of Maroll is hiring mercenaries from Rune Midgard to fight on their behalf. This is a unique opportunity for players to join the fight and earn great rewards for their efforts. As a mercenary, you will fight for a prince and help them gather support from the people of Rune-Midgarts in preparation for the epic showdown. The stakes are high, and the rewards for victory will be great, so don't miss out on this chance to become a hero and help shape the future of Maroll Kingdom.


  • Pre-Renewall
  • Max Lv.: 99/70
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Max Aspd: 190
  • Instant Cast: 150 Dex
  • Party-member bonus exp: 15% (cap 12 members)
  • Max. party members: 30


Some custom features were added to the game:

Level Mechanics

A notable modification in Maroll Kingdom allows players to immediately adopt their chosen class, bypassing the need to grind to Level 99 and undertake rebirth.

At Base Lv. 1, characters are set with maximum Skill and Stat points, and a base of 99 Hit and 99 Flee (except for 1 Agi and 1 Dex).

Characters also start with maximum MaxHP and MaxSP, and these values do not change as they level up.

It's important to note that gear and skill level requirements are still enforced.

Additionally, there are base level requirements for participating in major events and PvP arenas.

Players are eligible for a range of discounts on event entry fees, inn expenses, Kafra services, and more, varying from 1% to as much as 75%, with the discount rate increasing alongside the player’s base level.

The game introduces an innovative Reborn system, allowing players to reset to Level 1/1 after reaching the maximum base and job levels. Upon rebirth, players have the choice of gaining either a permanent Extra Skill Point or an additional permanent skill such as "Increase Agility Lv.2," "Teleportation Lv.1,", "Hiding Lv. 1." and others...

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Weapon and Shield Sprites

Valkyrja's Shield and Orleans's Server Sprites

In the classic game, players were often inundated with large quantities of items and equipment, but there were relatively few battle sprites for weapons and shields.

To address this issue, Maroll Kingdom has added battle sprites for all weapons and shields, giving players a more nostalgic and immersive experience as they explore the game world.

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Special Combo Set

In Maroll Kingdom, combos have been added to classic weapons and headgears that were often forgotten and unusable in the original game. These combos provide powerful bonuses that can vary according to the refinement level of the equipment. Additionally, certain weapons have received minor modifications to their status, weight, and bonuses.

Sprite Headgear Weapon Description
Hat of Sun.png 5353.pngHat of the Sun God 1813.pngKaiser Knuckle Each refine level of Hat of the Sun God increases damage on Demihuman by 5% and also increases damage recieved by Demihuman by 3%.
Hockey Combo.png 5314.pngHockey Mask 1529.pngIron Driver [Priest / High Priest]

Atk +50

Adds 30% chance of inflicting Stun status on target when dealing physical attack.

Enables use of Bash. Skill level is equal to refine level of Iron Driver.

Orc Hero Headdres Combo.png 5375.pngOrc Hero Headdress [1] 1302.pngAxe [4] Reflects 10% physical damage, plus 1% per upgrade level of Orc Hero Headdress.

[Super Novice]

Increases power of Mammonite skill by 10%, per level of Pushcart skill.

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Custom Cards

To accommodate certain cards that would not function effectively within the mechanics of Maroll Kingdom, some classic cards have been modified.

These adjustments primarily aim to balance unusable and unbalanced skills or builds that were neglected in the original game.

Card Sprite Effect Place
Sky Deleter Sky Deleter.png Increases Soul Breaker damage by 15%. Accessory
Am Mut Am Mut.png Reduces after-cast delay of Falcon Assault skill by 20% Footgear
Myst Case Myst Case.png Inflict 10% more damage with Mammonite. Headgear
Dark Shadow Dark Shadow.png Reduce damage recieved from Asura Strike by 50% Shield
Scorpion Scorpion.png Increases Pierce and Brandish Spear skill damage by 35%. Weapon
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Equipment Enhancement

Enchantments or upgrades are ways to improve your equipment in Maroll Kingdom. These enhancements are separated into two types, and they are applied by different workers in the game.

  • Armors and top headgears can be enchanted by Apprentice Craftsman using orbs(Lv.1), crystals (Lv. 2), or gemstones (Lv. 3). These enchantments provide bonuses to basic stats and substats, such as vitality, defense, maximum hit points, and dexterity. Only one enchantment can be applied to a piece of equipment in this way, and there is a chance that the gear may break when the enchantment is attempted for Lv.1. It wont preserve the refinements or cards.
  • Weapons and shields, on the other hand, can be improved by Enhancement Master. In this case, there is no chance of the equipment breaking, and any refinements or cards that are already applied to the gear will be preserved. The number of times a weapon can be enchanted is inversely proportional to the number of card slots it has, while the number of enchantments that can be applied to a shield depends on its class. Bravery Badges are consumed to enhance weapons and shields.
    Thief Clothes[1] [LUK +2]Enchanted with Crystal of Fortune (Lv.2)
NPC Weapon Shield Armor Top Headgear
Apprentice Craftsman X X
Enhancement Master X X
NPC Success Rate Refinement and Cards Overwrite previous enchantment
Apprentice Craftsman 75% (Lv.1) erased yes
Enhancement Master 100% preserved yes
Equipment Material Consumed
Armor Orb (Lv.1), Crystal (Lv.2) or Gemstone (Lv.3)
Top Headgear Orb (Lv.1)
Shield Valor Badge
Weapon Bravery Badge
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Residents inhabit both Midgard Towns and Trinity Port, functioning as a unique type of NPC known as Fake Players.

Players can engage with them in various activities such as trading, participating in tour or hunt quests, or simply listening to their dialogue.

However, players must exercise caution, as certain guards patrol the towns seeking immigrants without passports; if apprehended, the player will be incarcerated.

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Team Headquarter

Team Home

The guild leader of a castle can establish a team home by utilizing the command @setteamhome in the town where the guild owns a castle in the feud.

Subsequently, all guild members can employ the command @teamhome to be instantly teleported to the Team Home.

A guild can establish only one Team Home regardless of how many castles it possesses.

The greater the level of the guild skill "Guild Expansion," the larger the area of the team home will be.

The guild leader has the authority to change the sprite of the Mascot, Storage, and Guardian NPCs. Additionally, they can alter the facing direction of these NPCs, including the Guild Bulletin Flag.

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In order to preserve the classic game system as much as possible, few skill modifications were made just to adapt to the game's mode.

The Discount skill lowers event entries price and Overcharge increases the participatory prize as a mercenary in Battlegrounds.

Katar Forging has been introduced to the Forge system, and a modification has been made to the weapon materials: Rough Oridecon is now utilized instead of Oridecon.

The Taekwon Mission monster list has been adapted for the Maroll Kingdom. Also the Max Level Difference for Devotion is 30. Super Novice Spirit has 10% to erase the death record instead of 1% and it is not lost in BG, PvP and WoE enviroments.

'Es' Soul linker skills are enabled against players.

Skill Modification
Discount Only applies to event fees, kafra services, warpers, and nother npc interactions.
Overcharge Applies only to battlegrounds and PvP Clash zeny rewards.
Devotion Max. Level Difference between players set to 30.
Forging Every Weapon -except Books- can be forged. Rough Oridecon is used in place of Oridecon as material.
Taekwon Mission Mob list have been adapted
Super Novice Spirit 10% chance to 'erase' the death record. Do not erase death record in BG, PvP and WoE
Super Novice Death Bonus Instead of +10 Bonus when Job Lv. 70 or above, death bonus record gives +1 bonus for each 10 job level, starting from Level 9
'Es' Soul Linker Skills Are possible to be used on players
Abracadabra (Hocus-Pocus) Transforming mobs into MvP and summoning monsters are disabled
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Stylist catalog.jpg

The custom dress changer in Maroll Kingdom allows players to customize their character's appearance by changing their hairstyle and clothing colors. To use the dress changer, players can access the open Hairstyle Catalog and choose the colors they want to use for their clothes and hair. The colors can be selected by name, or players can navigate through the catalog to find the colors they want.

Once players have chosen their colors, they can decide whether they want to make a permanent or temporary change. A temporary change will disappear as soon as the character logs off, while a permanent change will remain in place until the player chooses to change it again. To make a permanent change, players will need to consume a dyesetuff material corresponding to the color they have chosen. These materials can be purchased from the Monster Coin Shop, and they are used to recolor the character's clothes and hair.

Additionally, players can also change their hairstyle by purchasing a hairstyle ticket from the Stylist NPC for 50,000 zeny. This allows players to experiment with different hairstyles and find the one that best suits their character and playstyle. Overall, the custom dress changer provides a convenient and flexible way for players to customize their character's appearance in Maroll Kingdom.

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A fee is required

To reset Stats and Skills just talk to Hypnotist, a fee is required.

Service Price
Reset Stats 500z
Reset Skills 500z
Reset Both 850z
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Player Commands

Some classic commands and custom commands are available to all players.

Classic Commands
Command Description
join Join a channel
hominfo Show homunculus stats
mobinfo Show Monster Info
whodrops Show who drops the item
showexp Gained exp is shown
showzeny Gained zeny is shown
exp Show current exp
refresh Refreshes player position
noks Kill Steal Protection
autotrade Turns on Autotrade feature
Custom Commands
Command Description
joinbg Joins BG Qeue
leavebg Leaves BG Qeue
joinpvp Joins PvP Survival Hourglass qeue
leavepvp Leaves PvP Survival Hourglass qeue
itemlink Display the link of an item
droplist Show drop list from a mob as link
lootquest List all headgear quests necessitating the specified loot as a material
headgearquest List the required materials and costs for crafting a specific headgear if a quest is available for it
deal Open trade with a specified NPC for whatever goods they are offering or buying
tour Start a tour quest offered by the specified NPC
tourinfo Display details about the currently active tour quest
tourleave Cancel the ongoing tour quest
hunt Acept to the hunting quest offered by the specified NPC
huntinfo Provide information about the currently active Hunt Quest
huntquit Cancel the ongoing hunt quest
fame Display your currently fame points
setteamhome Set a guild team home if the player, as guild leader, owns a castle in the town's feud where they are situated
teamhome Teleport the player directly to the guild team home
midgardshop Show the price of a specified gear in the Midgard NPC shop and compare it to the price in Maroll
Player has used @droplist 1038 (Osiris ID)
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The cute pets will give special stat bonuses to the player when they are Cordial and Loyal. There are various types of pets, each with different levels of difficulty to obtain and keep well-fed. You can obtain pet eggs by randomly opening a wrapped pet egg, which can be purchased from the Medal Collector shop. The shop also sells some aesthetic pets that do not provide any bonuses.

Note that pets do not lose intimacy while in Battlegrounds, PvP, or War of Emperium environments.

Sprite Name Bonus
1973.gif Poring Luk +2

Critical +1

1023.gif Orc Warrior Def -3

Atk +10

1299.gif Goblin Leader Increases damage to Demi human monsters by 3%.
1374.gif Incubus MaxSP +3%
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Player vs Player


Two princes are fighting for the throne of Maroll, mercenaries from all over the continent are ready to fight!

Despite being similar to the classic extended battlegrounds, Maroll Battlegrounds have unique systems and games. Unlike the classic mode, instead of the warriors joining a common guild, they will be automatically attached to a Party. So all skills that affect the party will be automatically released as soon as the match starts like Angelus, Magnificat, Weapon Perfection etc...

When a player join a game (@joinbg), he is randomly chosen to fight for a prince. In the end of every match, players will be rewarded with badges, zeny and experience proportionally to the player's total playing time. Skills wich requires zeny and ammunition are not consumed in battlegrounds and all kind of consumables items are forbidden however, BG exclusive consumables are given at the begging of the match and restocked for every time the player dies.

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Prince Croix (Left) Prince Guillaume (Right)

Player vs Player

Party Deathmatch

PvP Party Death Match Entrance

In addition to the classic free-for-all mode, in Maroll Kingdom the strongest warriors team up with friends to participate in Party vs Party battle rounds. Upon winning the battle, the champion team receives Treasure Chests that can contain valuable items such as ores, exclusive gears and costumes.

To start the battle the leader of each team must sign up (enter the chatroom) for the desired mode. A complete list of treasure drops can be checked. The game starts when the chatroom is full so the team is warped and recharged. When a player dies, he is warped to the center of the map where the cemetery is. Place where you can't use skills, items or even talk.The round ends when only one party is alive or time up. All players are teleported to their respective bases and recharged and then the next round begins. The party that wins is the one that scores the most points at the end of the battle. Killing or winning the round adds points while dying or logging out decreases.

Survival Hourglass

PvP Survival Hourglass

The PvP Survival Hourglass is a rotating PvP mode where players join either the Offensive or Supportive team. The Supportive team aims to survive, while the Offensive team tries to prevent them from doing so. Matches are evenly matched, with no uneven matchups like 8vs5 or 3vs1. If there's an uneven queue, the extra players are assigned to the Beholder position, which allows them to spectate and receive a prize equal to the losing team's. Matches last up to 15 minutes. If any Supportive player survives for 4 minutes, they win; otherwise, the Offensive team wins when time's up.

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War of Faction

Faction Recruiters

Due to a decrease in Midgard's forces, Marolleans have been invited into Midgard's castle feuds to help control the area and cities. In return for aiding Midgard with its monster issue, Marolleans now have the chance to gain control of Midgard castles and share political and economic responsibilities with the city ruler. However, Marolleans are divided into two factions: the Berserkers and the Runeblades. Both factions seek to implement their ideologies in Midgard but can't agree on which is correct.

Thus, the War of Factions unfolds in Midgard as the Berserkers and Runeblades from Maroll Kingdom compete to implement their ideologies and control Midgard's main towns.

The War of Factions mirrors the classic War of Emperium and takes place in the same castles where the Midgard WoE occurred. There are 20 castles divided into 4 feuds.

This war is continuous throughout the day, with castles vulnerable to attack for 4 hours and 30 minutes, rotating 5 times daily. Members of the same faction cannot harm each other during the conflict.

Guilds controlling castles can defend them and invest in their economy, with treasure chests spawning in the castle's treasure room daily. Other guilds in the same faction may also defend castles to prevent loss of control.

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War of Emperium

War of Emperium Feuld Entrance

War of Emperium maintains the same mechanics as the classic game. To get to the castle map there is an Emperium in the center of Trinity town that will take you to the feud. There is a castle for every feud in the classic game. The WoE Treasure Chest however have been modified as well as the Guild Dungeons.

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Event Arena

Event Arena: Monster Race and Turbo Track
Event Arena: Medal, Coins and Track Points Shop

The Event Arena is a place where the main routine events meet. Monster Race and Turbo Track are the classic modes but the prizes purchased in stores have been modified. Element Arena is a dungeon mode similar to Monster Stadium, but in this mode instead of specific races, monsters of the same element are randomly selected.

Most of consumables, costumes, gears and pets obtained in events are exclusive.

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