Battlegrounds Badges

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Badges are provided to warriors who brought great honor in the Battle field. They can be traded between players.

BG Badge.gifBravery Badge

In the end of the match, every player will get a number of Bravery Badge.The amount is greater to the winner team.

Card Shop

Bravery Badge is used as currency in the card shop. You first must deposit the badges at the Bravery Badge Bank, located in the Battlegrounds Waiting Room. You can withdraw it whenever you want. You can check your balance when shopping on /cashshop.

Battlegrounds Bank System

Weapon Enhancement

Bravery Badge is also used as material in Weapon Enhancement. For the first attempt 375 x Badges is needed however if the weapon have it slot already enhanced the prices go to 562 x Badges each attempt.

Enhanecment Master asks for Bravery Coin

BG Badge.gifValor Badge

Gears and Costume Shop

Valor Badge is given to the winner team. The amount will be the same as Bravery Badge.

It is the currency used to buy Armors, Weapons and Costumes in the Battlegrounds Shop.

Battlegrounds Shop