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The Badge Dealer is located inside battlegrounds waiting room and PvP Ticket shop is located inside PvP Room.

Bravery Bank System

Use the command /cashshop to access Card Shop

Badge Dealer also work for the Bravery Bank System. You can deposit and withdraw BG Badge.gifBravery Badges which is used as an intermediate to the Card Shop. So if you want to buy a card on /cashshop you first need to deposit your Bravery Badges in the bank. It can be withdraw later if necessary.

PvP Ticket Shop

Yan, the PvP Manager (pvp_room,74,44)

A Ticket is required for the party leader in order to sign up for PvP Party Deathmatch.

PvP Ticket Shop
Item Sprite Price
Gerd PvP Pass Pass.gif 40 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge
Jerrik PvP Pass Pass.gif 90 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge
Brynjar PvP Pass Pass.gif 150 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge
Knute PvP Pass Pass.gif 250 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge
Aslaug PvP Pass Pass.gif 325 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge

Valorous Badge Shop

The Badge Dealer is located in the battlegrounds waitingroom. BG Badge.gifValor Badges are used to buy gears, costumes and an exclusive BG Enhancement Ticket.

Valorous Enhancement Ticket

For 25 BG Badge.gifValor Badges you can purchase a Valorous Enhancement Ticket, wich can be used to enhance any BG Valorous Weapon within the Enhancement Master.

Valorous Armor Shop

Valorous suit.pngValorous hood.pngValorous sandals.pngValorous guard.png

Valorous Weapon Shop

Basic weapons can help beginners in battlegrounds. They can be bought for 275 x Valor Badge each. They are non slotted and can not be traded or refined.

Bg valorousaxe.pngBg claymore.pngBg hallberd.pngBg gakkung.pngBg gladius.pngBg garrison.pngBg swordmace.pngBg wandofoccult.pngBg tsurugi.pngBg jur.pngBg bookofapocalypse.pngBg lute.pngBg whip.pngBg finger.pngBg humma.png

Costume Shop

Battlegrounds Costume Shop