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Where the strongest warriors of Maroll Kingdom meet to face each other in the desire to get the treasure chest.

PvP Party Deathmatch is located inside PvP Arena

PvP Party Deathmatch is a fight in which the leaders of the groups sign up. There are 5 different arenas in which different prizes.

At the end of the game, a Treasure Chest for each player of the winning team is spawned containing several rare items or costumes.


PvP Room entrance is located in Trinity Town at top right side of Guild Square or inside every Inn in Midgard Kingdom.

At the back of the arena there are 5 gatekeepers, one for each arena. Party leaders are the only ones who can sign up the group.

The leader of a party can host an arena, paying the necessary Arena Score. The Host can set the team size, number of teams, and required base level. To join, parties must have their leader enter the chatroom of the designated arena gatekeeper, with only the leader needing a PvP Ticket. However, all party members must meet minimum base level and Arena Score requirements. If the host participates in the battle, they earn double PvP points.

PvP Party Death Match Entrance

Arena Score

To enter any arena, a minimum Arena Score is mandatory. Regardless of victory or defeat, each player earns a set amount of Arena Score after every battle and a certain amount of arena score is consumed by the player who host.

Gatekeeper Required Score Earned Score Host Score
Gerd 0 1 0
Jerrik 3 2 4
Brynjar 10 4 8
Knute 20 6 12
Aslaug 50 8 16

Combat System

PvP Arena Delay to start Round

The game starts when the chatroom is full so the teams are warped to arena. At the beginning of the round, all players of same team start behind the barricades. After a few seconds the barricades disappear and the round begins.

When a player dies, he is warped to the center of the map where the cemetery is. A place where you can't use skills, items or even talk. The round ends when only one party is alive or the round time up. All players are warped back to their respective bases and healed so the next round begins.

The party that wins is the one that scores the most points at the end of the battle. Killing or winning the round adds points while dying or logging off decreases. The losing teams will be kicked out of arena when game ends while the winning team will be warped to the cemetery where one Treasure Chest or Costume Chest for every team member will spawn.

Score Table
Act Points
Kill +5
Win Round +15
Death -3
Logoff -20
PvP Party Death Match: Cemetery


Bravey Badge can be exchanged for PvP Party Deathmatch Tickets

A Ticket is required for the party leader in order to sign up for arena. Each arena has it own ticket which can be exchanged for Valor Badge inside PvP Room with Yan, the PvP Manager (pvp_room,74,44).

Ticket Shop
Item Sprite Price
Gerd PvP Pass Pass.gif 40 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge
Jerrik PvP Pass Pass.gif 90 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge
Brynjar PvP Pass Pass.gif 150 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge
Knute PvP Pass Pass.gif 250 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge
Aslaug PvP Pass Pass.gif 325 x BG Badge.gifValor Badge

PvP Points

A PvP delay for players who had a negative score in their last match

Positive team score values will be counted towards a player's total points. If a player was part of a team that scored negative values in their last match, the negative values will not be added to their total points. It is important to note that the team does not need to win the match in order for positive values to be counted – they just need to score more than zero points.


If a player was part of a team that scored negative values in their last match, the total score will be converted into minutes of delay for the player. For example, if the team the player was on had a negative score of -11, then all the members of that team will have a delay of 11 minutes before they can join again. The negative score will not be added to player total points

PvP Usables Shop

Sprite Item Points
662.png Authoritative Badge 5
12310.png Spray Of Flowers 10
12319.png Rune Strawberry Cake 20
12320.png Schwarzwald Pine Jubilee 20
12321.png Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich 20
12299.png Mega Resist Potion 30
12298.png SP Consumption Reduction Potion 30
Healing Items
Sprite Item Points
30002.png Panacea 2
11522.png Red Raffle Sap 2
11523.png Yellow Raffle Sap 3
11524.png White Raffle Sap 4
30028.png WoE White Potion 4
30027.png WoE Blue Potion 8
Effect Box
Sprite Item Points
12028.png Box of Thunder 1
12029.png Box of Gloom 1
12030.png Box of Resentment 1
12031.png Box of Drowsiness 1
12032.png Box of Storms 3
12033.png Box of Sunlight 3
12034.png Box of Panting 3

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Droplist

Treasure Chest are specific to each arena.

Gerd Treasure Chest
Item Sprite Chance
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 63.00%
Elunium Elunium.gif 53.00%
Black Leather Boots [1] 2434.png 8.00%
Pantie [1] 2371.png 7.00%
Divine Cloth [1] 2366.png 4.50%
Undershirt [1] 2523.png 4.50%
Saint's Robe [1] 2326.png 4.50%
Jewelry Box 12106.png 4.50%
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 3.00%
Jerrik Treasure Chest
Item Sprite Chance
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 13.00%
Elunium Elunium.gif 93.00
High Heels [1] 2432.png 7.50%
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 6.00%
Mink Coat [1] 2311.png 4.50%
Formal Suit [1] 2320.png 4.50%
Silk Robe [1] 2322.png 4.50%
Glittering Jacket [1] 2319.png 2.50%
Wrapped Lower Headgear 40029.gif 1.00%
Brynjar Treasure Chest
Item Sprite Chance
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 70.00%
Elunium Elunium.gif 70.00%
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 10.00%
Sprint Shoes [1] 2440.png 7.50%
Tidal Shoes [1] 2424.png 7.50%
Sprint Mail [1] 2387.png 4.50%
Odin's Blessing [1] 2353.png 4.50%
Wool Scarf [1] 2528.png 3.50%
Pauldron [1] 2514.png 3.50%
Middle Costume Box 40028.gif 3.00%
Knute Treasure Chest
Item Sprite Chance
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 95.00%
Elunium Elunium.gif 90.00%
Wrapped Pet Egg 40030.gif 8.00%
Vital Tree Shoes 2450.png 8.00%
Stat Gemstone Stat Gemstone.gif 8.00%
Skin of Ventus [1] 2536.png 3.50%
Wrapped Lower Headgear 40029.gif 3.00%
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 3.00%
Aslaug Treasure Chest
Item Sprite Chance
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 92.50%
Elunium Elunium.gif 87.50%
Valkyrie Shoes [1] 2421.png 5.50%
Dragon Vest [1] 2399.png 5.50%
Dragon Manteau [1] 2553.png 3.50%
Leather of Tendrilion [1] 2544.png 1.50%
Lower Costume Box 40027.gif 4.00%
Stat Gemstone Stat Gemstone.gif 2.50%