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Two princes are fighting for the throne of Maroll, mercenaries from all over the continent are ready to fight!

Despite being similar to the classic extended battlegrounds, Maroll Battlegrounds have unique systems and games. Unlike the classic mode, instead of the warriors joining a common guild, they will be automatically attached to a Party. So all skills that affect the party can be used as soon as the match starts like Angelus, Magnificat, Weapon Perfection etc...

When a player join a game (@joinbg), he is randomly chosen to fight for a prince. In the end of every match, players will be rewarded with badges, zeny and experience proportionally to the player's total playing time. Skills wich requires zeny and ammunition are not consumed in battlegrounds and all kind of consumables items are forbidden however, BG exclusive consumables are given at the begging of the match and restocked for every time the player dies.

Princes croix guillaume.png


Party is automatically created
Professor Battlegrounds Restock

In order to join the battlegrounds the player must be in Town or in Battlegrounds Waitingroom. By typing @joinbg the player going to be qeued up to the next game or to the on-going game.

The requirements to participate are:

  • Basic Level 18 or higher
  • Character must leave party
  • Has 75 or less different items in your inventory
  • Carrying less then 90% of maximum weight.
  • Be in Town or Battlegrounds room


At the moment the player join battlegrounds, he will get some bg exclusive consumables depending on his class and game mode.

In the example, the professor as soon as he @joinbg in the battlegrounds waitingroom he already got one of each BG consumables so he is able to set his hotkeys before match starts. As in the classic battlegrounds, for every game there is a team healing room where the player is full restored, get his items restocked and gears repaired if necessary.


When the game ends, all players are rewarded with Zeny, Base and Job Experience. Both teams also receives Bravery badge however, only the winning team receives Valor Badge. The prizes amount for the winning team is greater then the loser team.

  • Overcharge skill increases the amount of zeny recieved.

Zeny Skills and Ammunition

Zeny Skills such as Mammonite and Cart Termination do not requires zeny while in battlegrounds.

Ammunition such as Arrows and Bullets are not consumed either on melee attacks and skills.