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Dealer Citizen and Ranger

Residents inhabit both Midgard Towns and Trinity Port, functioning as a unique type of NPC known as Fake Players.

Players can engage with them in various activities such as trading, participating in tour or hunt quests, or simply listening to their dialogue.

However, players must exercise caution, as certain guards patrol the towns seeking immigrants without passports; if apprehended, the player will be incarcerated.


Approaching a citizen and using the command "@deal <NPC Name>" grants you the opportunity to engage in trading with them. The items they offer for sale are all NPC purchasable, but they consistently sell at a discount or buy at an inflated price. Upon completing a deal, the citizen will teleport out of town, only to be replaced by a newly generated citizen after some time, creating an infinite cycle.

If a player successfully completes a tour quest, their fame points will increase by 2.

Tour Quest

Tour Quest offering

In every tourist town, citizens will offer tour quests where you visit the locations they describe. Upon accepting the quest, all NPC interactions, items, or commands will be disabled except for "@tourleave", until you finish the quest. You must locate the specified place and then return to the NPC who assigned you the quest. Upon completion, you'll receive a reward, and similar to the trading process, the NPC will teleport away to make room for a new NPC.

If a player successfully completes a tour quest, their fame points will increase by 3 to 5. However if the player quit the quest he will lose 3 points instead.



You have a 20% chance of receiving 5,000 to 15,000 zeny.

Overcharge Skill increases the amount of zeny recieved.


You have an 80% chance of receiving one of the following item rewards:

Item Sprite Amount Chance
Gift Box Gift Box.png 2~4 10
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 1 1
Prize Medal Prize Medal.gif 1~2 10
Wrapped Egg 40030.gif 1 2
Professional Cooking Kit Professional Cooking Kit.png 3~5 8
Royal Cooking Kit Royal Cooking Kit.png 1~3 5
Job Battle Manual Job Battle Manual.png 1 1
Oridecon Hammer Oridecon Hammer.png 2~5 5
Speed Potion Speed Potion.png 1~3 5

Hunting Quest

Lv. 47 hunting quest to defeat Lord Knight invasors

Upon approaching a Citizen offering a Hunting Quest and using the command "@hunt <NPC Name>," you can accept a specific Hunting Quest targeting 15 enemies of a particular jobclass.

Be swift in your hunt, you have 60min to finish the quest and the citizen, like any other, may teleport away abruptly.

Upon successfully completing a hunting quest, a player's fame points will increase by 7. However, if the quest expires or the player chooses to quit, they will lose 4 points instead.

If the citizen vanishes before the quest expires, your quest will be deleted, but you won't lose any fame points, nor will a delay be applied.

After completing the hunt, return to the same NPC to claim your reward.

Note that there is a 120-minute cooldown before you can accept any other Citizen Hunting Quest.



There is a 2% chance that you will obtain the Top Headgear or Mid Headgear currently worn by the NPC.

If the citizen is wearing both Top and Mid headgear, one of the two will be randomly selected, with a 75% chance for the top headgear.


Additionally, if no headgear is obtained, there will be a 66% chance of the player receiving Experience Points (Exp) as a reward, as shown in the following table:

Base Level Exp Rate
1~10 100%
11~40 75~95%
41~50 50~70%
51~60 25~55%
61~70 15~35%
71~80 10~25%
81~90 7~15%
91~99 5~10%


If neither the headgear nor the experience reward is given, the player will receive one of the following items as a reward:

Item Sprite Amount Chance
Yggdrasil Berry Yggdrasil Berry.gif 1~3 5
Elunium Elunium.gif 1~2 3
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 2~3 4
Emperium Emperium.gif 1 1
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 1 1



Despite improving relations between Midgard and Maroll Kingdom, it is imperative to maintain a level of fame and possess a passport to freely traverse Midgard Kingdom.

Rangers may periodically request passports from nearby players. Additionally, regardless of passport possession, players with -50 fame points or less will be immediately teleported to prison.

Town Settings

  • Trade City: Towns where citizens frequently offer better and more lucrative deals.
  • Touristic Hub: Locations exclusively offering touristic quests by citizens.
  • Warrior Town: Places where citizens predominantly offer Hunting Quests.
  • Armory Town: Cities known for citizens actively selling and buying gears.
Place Trade City Touristic Hub Warrior Town Armory Town
Alberta X X
Aldebaran x x
Amatsu x
Ayothaya x
Brasilis x
Comodo x
Geffen x
Izlude x x
Payon x
Prontera x
Trinity Port x x