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Some commands are available to all players.

Custom Commands

Command Description
joinbg Joins BG Qeue
leavebg Leaves BG Qeue
joinpvp Joins PvP Survival Hourglass qeue
leavepvp Leaves PvP Survival Hourglass qeue
itemlink Display the link of an item
droplist Show drop list from a mob as link
lootquest List all headgear quests necessitating the specified loot as a material
headgearquest List the required materials and costs for crafting a specific headgear if a quest is available for it
deal Open trade with a specified NPC for whatever goods they are offering or buying
tour Start a tour quest offered by the specified NPC
tourinfo Display details about the currently active tour quest
tourleave Cancel the ongoing tour quest
hunt Acept to the hunting quest offered by the specified NPC
huntinfo Provide information about the currently active Hunt Quest
huntquit Cancel the ongoing hunt quest
fame Display your currently fame points
setteamhome Set a guild team home if the player, as guild leader, owns a castle in the town's feud where they are situated
teamhome Teleport the player directly to the guild team home
midgardshop Show the price of a specified gear in the Midgard NPC shop and compare it to the price in Maroll
Player has used @droplist 1038 (Osiris ID)

Classic Commands

Command Description
join Join a channel
hominfo Show homunculus stats
mobinfo Show Monster Info
whodrops Show who drops the item
showexp Gained exp is shown
showzeny Gained zeny is shown
exp Show current exp
refresh Refreshes player position
noks Kill Steal Protection
autotrade Turns on Autotrade feature