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A notable modification in Maroll Kingdom allows players to immediately adopt their chosen class, bypassing the need to grind to Level 99 and undertake rebirth.

At Base Lv. 1, characters are set with maximum Skill and Stat points, and a base of 99 Hit and 99 Flee (except for 1 Agi and 1 Dex).

Characters also start with maximum MaxHP and MaxSP, and these values do not change as they level up.

It's important to note that gear and skill level requirements are still enforced.

Additionally, there are base level requirements for participating in major events and PvP arenas.

Players are eligible for a range of discounts on event entry fees, inn expenses, Kafra services, and more, varying from 1% to as much as 75%, with the discount rate increasing alongside the player’s base level.

The game introduces an innovative Reborn system, allowing players to reset to Level 1/1 after reaching the maximum base and job levels. Upon rebirth, players have the choice of gaining either a permanent Extra Skill Point or an additional permanent skill such as "Increase Agility Lv.2," "Teleportation Lv.1,", "Hiding Lv. 1." and others...

Basic Status

Basic Status has not undergone any significant changes in its formula. The main difference is how Skill Points, Stats Points, Base Hit, Base Flee, MaxHp and MaxSp are calculated. The maximum level is 99/70.

Note: There have been no modifications to Homunculus.

Status Modification
MaxHP & MaxSP Fixed to maximum according to char class and do not vary by Base Level.
Base Hit & Base Flee The Base Hit and Flee is 99 and do not vary by Base Level
Status & Skill Points Fixed to maximum and do not vary by Base and Job Level.


The same Stalker Lv 1/1 (left) and Level 76/40 (right) have very similar stats and substats. What makes them slightly different is the stat bonus added from the Job Level.

Level 1/1 Stalker Level 76/40 Stalker
Stalker Lv 1-1.png Stalker Lv 74-41.png
The only difference between a player Lv 1/1 and LV 74/41 is the Job Level Stat Bonus.


  • Base Level is still important so you can equip gear that requires a minimum level.
  • PvP Party Deathmatch gates are divided by Base Level minimum required.
  • PvP Survival Hourglass requires a minimum level depending on the round.
  • Players receive discounts on event fees, Kafra services, and more, based on their Base Level, ranging from 1% to 75%.
  • The Hunting Quests, offered by Citizens, have a minimum level requirement.
  • Minimum Base Level 18 is required to join battlegrounds.
  • Speed Potions still requires a minimum base level to be consumed.
  • Job Level still give stat bonus according to the class.
  • Job Level is still relevant to some skills such as Blitz Beat, Weapon Refine, Taekwon Mission and Berserk

Party Share

The level range for sharing exp within a party is 30 and the maximum number of member is 30.

The monster experience is increased 15% per attacker. That is, every additional attacker to the monster makes it give this much more experience.

eg. 5 people attack, +(15*4)% -> +60%.


  • The monster experience bonus is capped at 12 members.


As the character's level increases, so does the discount they receive on certain services. This discount ranges from 1% at Base Level 1 to 75% at Base Level 99. The discounted services include:

Monster Race entry fee
Element Arena entry fee
Pirate Raid entry fee
Inn accomodations
Kafra Services
Guild castle defenses
Passport Issuance
Free Imprisoned Friend

Reborn System

Gorm, the Jobmaster

In Maroll Kingdom, you have the liberty to undergo rebirth as many times as you desire, but this option is only available when you've attained the maximum base and job levels for your class. Upon rebirthing, your character will revert back to Level 1/1.

When you decide to undergo rebirth, you'll be presented with the choice of receiving either a permanent extra skill point or selecting permanent bonus skills.

The following skills can be chosen regardless of your class:

Skill Name Lv.
Frost Diver 2
Magnum Break 3
Sight 1
Steal 1
Hiding 1
Envenenom 1
Sense 1
Steal Coin 1
Throw Stone 1
Skill Name Lv.
Increase Agility 2
Teleportation 1
Warp Portal 1
Heal 1
Cure 1
Identify 1
Detoxify 1
Resurrection 1
Skill Name Lv.
Increase Hp Recovery 2
Increase Sp Recovery 2
Enlarge Weight Limit 2
Discount 5