Monster Race

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Monster Race announcements are broadcast in #event channel before each race is about to be held. Bettors can buy Monster Tickets to place wagers on Cute Pets and check the Cute Pet's LUK and HP by speaking to the Ticket Helpers in the Monster Race Stadium.

After each race, spectators and bettors will be automatically warped out of the arena after a certain amount of time.

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Monster Race Entrance

To watch or place a bet on the race, you must pay a small fee to Eckar Ellebird at the Event Arena. He will then direct you to the Monster Race Stadium. The entrance fee is 10,000 zeny. If a race is already in progress, spectators must pay a charge of 500 zeny.

Discount and Compulsion Discount skill reduces the entries fees.

Event Arena Entranc


8 x Prize Medal.gifPrize Medals

Prize Medals can be exchange to Costumes, Pet Eggs, Pet Gears and Dyestuff in the Medal Collector Shop.

Medal Collector is located inside Event Arena