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Team Home

The guild leader of a castle can establish a team home by utilizing the command @setteamhome in the feud where the guild owns a castle.

Subsequently, all guild members can employ the command @teamhome to be instantly teleported to the Team Home.

A guild can establish only one Team Home regardless of how many castles it possesses.

The greater the level of the guild skill "Guild Expansion," the larger the area of the team home will be.

The guild leader has the authority to change the sprite of the Mascot, Storage, and Guardian NPCs. Additionally, they can alter the facing direction of these NPCs, including the Guild Bulletin Flag.


At the center of each Team Home lies a bonfire, which heals nearby guild members.


At the apex of the Team Home stands the Guild Flag. Clicking on this flag allows any player to view pertinent information such as the Guild Name, the guild leader, the faction of the guild, the number of castles it possesses in this feud, and in total. Players can also access the full guild member list.

Moreover, the Guild Leader has the authority to post a public bulletin that is accessible to all.

Any guild member has the option to warp back to the castle it possesses at no cost.


On the right side of the Team Home, you'll find a storage box that can open both Personal Storage and Guild Storage, accessible only to guild members.


The Team Home Mascot, situated on the left side of the Team Home, operates an exclusive Pet Shop offering various types of pet food, incubators, and the option to hatch an egg for free.


The Guardian serves as the central NPC of the Team Home, positioned at the bottom of the settlement.

Through him, players can teleport to any town in Midgard for free, access and purchase items from the tool shop, repair damaged equipment, and manage the expansion of the area.