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Faction Recruiters

Due to the decrease in Midgard's forces, one aspect of the diplomatic agreement between both kingdoms is that Midgard has accepted Marolleans into their castle feuds to assist in controlling the area and the cities.

This means that Marolleans, in exchange for aiding Midgard with the growing monster situation, now have the opportunity to gain control of Midgard castles. They share certain political and economic responsibilities with the ruler of the city.

However, Marolleans have become divided into two factions: the Berserkers and the Runeblades. Both factions believe that their ideologies should be implemented in the Midgard Kingdom. However, they cannot reach an agreement on which one is correct.

Thus, the War of Factions unfolds in the Midgard feuds, as two factions from Maroll Kingdom vie to implement their ideologies and control the political and economic aspects of Midgard's main towns.

Faction System

The Faction system allows every player to choose between one of two factions to join. When a player selects a faction to join, all other characters on the same account are automatically aligned with that faction as well. Consequently, a player can only fight for one faction.

In the guild system of Maroll Kingdom, players from different factions are unable to join the same guild. This means that the Faction of the Guild Leader determines the faction of the guild, and only members of the same faction as the guild leader can join.

There are no bonuses or differences between joining either of the factions, except for the fact that you will always fight for one side.

Players have the freedom to leave their faction and join the other at any time. However, before doing so, they must first leave all guilds associated with their characters on the account, and then leave the faction before joining the other one.

City Control

King of Prontera

In each of the four feuds, there are five castles. The faction that controls the majority of the castles in a feud is considered the ruler, granting them ownership of the feud and control over city politics.

There are seven policies available for a faction to apply to the city. Each guild that controls a castle can select one policy to apply.

The restrictive policies are applied to the opposing faction, while the beneficial policies are applied to all members of the ruling faction.

The guild leader can choose between applying the rule or locking it. If a rule is locked, no other guild leader can apply this rule in this feud. Only the castle that locked it will be able to unlock it.

The policies a Guild Leader can apply or lock if they control a castle are as follows:

Rule Effect Affects
Citizen Interaction Prohibit any form of interaction with the town's citizens Opposing faction, except for guild members who possess any castle in the town.
Shop access control Prohibit NPC Shop to interact with players Opposing faction, except for guild members who possess any castle in the town.
Dungeon access fee Charge an 10.000 fee to acces the city dungeon Opposing faction, except for guild members who possess any castle in the town.
Boarding Halter restrictions Prohibit use of Boarding Halter in this town Opposing faction, except for guild members who possess any castle in the town.
Prison-Immunity Players can't be arrested in this town Ruling faction only
Free Kafra services Kafras do not charge any fees in this town Ruling faction only
Free Inn stay Player has free inn rest Ruling faction only
Free Castles Warp Free Warp to the Town Feud Castle Rulling faction and guild members who posses any castle in the town

Note: To apply a rule, the guild leader must talk to the city leader:

  • Aldebaran: Duke Ignatus
  • Geffen: Cedric, the geffen tower Keeper
  • Payon: The Chief
  • Prontera: King of Prontera

Castle Siege

Siege Geffen Yesnelph castle

To initiate an assault on an enemy castle, the guild leader or a player with Siege Commander role must declare a siege on the target castle. This announcement must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled battle time, during which the castle will be vulnerable to attack for a duration of 2 hours. Once the castle is vulnerable, any player can enter and participate in the conflict.

The War

The War of Factions is a battle akin to the War of Emperium, taking place in the same castles where the classic Midgard WoE occurred.

There are a total of 20 castles available, divided into 4 feuds: Aldebaran - Luina, Geffen - Britoniah, Payon - Greenwood Lake, Prontera - Valkyrie Realm.

In the War of Factions, regardless of guild affiliation, members of the same faction cannot harm each other. Thus, the conflict consists of one faction against another.

The guild that possesses a castle has the ability to defend it and invest in its economy, much like in the classic WoE. At the start of each day, treasure chests spawn in the castle's treasure room.

While the guild that holds the castle benefits the most from control, other guilds within the same faction may be interested in defending the castle in case of the risk of losing control of the feud.

The Battle

Stone Guardians

Stone Guardian

In a manner akin to WoE SE, there are two stone guardians positioned before entering the castle interior.

Both of these guardians must be defeated for the opposing team to advance. There is a 45-minute delay before a stone guardian can be raised again.


Common guardians function identically to those in WoE FE. They spawn at specific locations and can be respawned immediately upon death.

Each guardian has a cost of 10,000 to be raised.


Sentinel Margaretha

The Sentinel mirrors the Biolab MvP but lacks the assistance of slaves.

Serving as the final line of defense against the opposing team's advances, it is typically encountered in the first room of the castle, hindering players from progressing further while it remains alive.

To summon a Sentinel, the player must pay a fee of 500,000 zeny and endure a 90-minute delay before it respawns upon death.

Emperium Room

Emperium Room

Similar to classic WoE FE, the Emperium room houses the Emperium, the destruction of which grants control of the castle to the guild that breaks it.

It's crucial to note that all stone guardians and Sentinel must be neutralized for players to advance to the Emperium room.

Additionally, if a guardian stone is raised while players are already inside the castle, they won't be teleported back and must be defeated to exit.

In this case, newcomers must also defeat the guardian stones before advancing further.

Siege Schedule

A castle can designate up to 4 days per week as "whiteflags," during which it cannot be sieged.

The guild leader must select a specific hour within the 24-hour period to schedule a castle siege. These choices determines both the time and days when the castle can be attacked.

Team Roles

To aid the Guild Leader, one or more guild roles can be assigned to guild members. These roles include:

Role Ability
Role Manager Has the authority to manage the roles of team members, excluding the leader.
Guardian Stone Mason Skilled in crafting and restoring both Guardian Stones.
Guardian Summoner Capable of summoning Soldier, Archer, and Knight guardians.
Sentinel Keeper Empowered to summon the castle's Sentinel.
Siege Commander Responsible for initiating a castle siege.
Investor Can invest in the castle's Commercial and Defense growth.
Master's Treasurer Authorized to access the Master's Room and open treasure chests.
Kafra Administrator Responsible for hiring and dismissing Kafra personnel.
White Flag Sentinel Empowered to deploy white flags to deter castle attacks and promote peace.


Faction War Guide

Investment in castles operates under the same mechanics as WoE FE. Players can invest in both Defense and Economy twice.

Increasing the defense level of the castle boosts the HP of Barricades, Invoked, Stone Guardians, and Sentinels, while the economy level affects the daily spawn rate of treasure chests.


Castle treasures spawn at the beginning of each day in the treasure room. If a treasure is not collected during the day, a new one will not spawn the following day. The number of treasure chests is determined by the formula: Castle Economy Level divided by 5, plus 4. There are three types of common treasures and two exclusive treasures for each castle, randomly spawned. The drop lists for each treasure chest can be checked with the Faction War Guide NPC located next to every Kafra in Midgard WoF cities.