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The cute pets will give special stat bonuses to the player when they are Cordial and Loyal. There are various types of pets, each with different levels of difficulty to obtain and keep well-fed. You can obtain pet eggs by randomly opening a wrapped pet egg, which can be purchased from the Medal Collector shop. The shop also sells some aesthetic pets that do not provide any bonuses.

Note that pets do not lose intimacy while in Battlegrounds, PvP, or War of Emperium environments.

Pet Egg

Pets that add bonuses are obtained randomly by opening a Wrapped Pet Egg.

Then can be exchanged for Prize Medal.gif Prize Medals at Meddal Collector Shop.

Medalshop petegg.png

Aesthetic Pet

Pets that not give any kind of bonus.

Sprite Name
1322.gif Spring Rabbit
1122.gif Knife Goblin
1535.gif Flail Goblin
1537.gif Hammer Goblin
1385.gif Deleter
1382.gif Diabolic

Pet Bonus

Pet add bonus when loyal.

Sprite Name Bonus
1973.gif Poring Luk +2

Critical +1

1113.gif Drops Hit +3

Atk +3

1031.gif Poporing Luk +2

Resistance to poison +10%

1063.gif Lunatic Critical +2

Atk +2

1049.gif Picky Str +1

Atk +5

1011.gif Chonchon Agi +1

Flee +2

1042.gif Steel Chonchon Agi -1

Flee +6

1035.gif Hunter Fly Flee -5

Perfect Dodge +2

1167.gif Savage Babe Vit +1

MaxHP +50

1107.gif Baby Desert Wolf Int +1

MaxSP +20

1052.gif Rocker MaxHP +25

HP Recovery +5%

1014.gif Spore Hit +5

Atk -2

1077.gif Poison Spore Str +1

Int +1

1019.gif Peco Peco MaxHP +150

MaxSP -10

1056.gif Smokie Agi +1

Perfect Dodge +1

1057.gif Yoyo Critical +3

Luk -1

1023.gif Orc Warrior Def -3

Atk +10

1026.gif Munak Def +1

Int +1

1110.gif Dokebi Matk +1%

Atk -1%

1170.gif Sohee Str +1

Dex +1

1029.gif Isis Matk -1%

Atk +1%

11551.gif Petite Def -2

MDef -2

Aspd -1% (after-attack delay)

1109.gif Deviruchi MaxHP & MaxSP -3%,

Atk & Matk +1%.

Baphomet Jr..gif Baphomet Jr. Def +1

Mdef +1

Resistance to Stun -1%.

1188.gif Bongun Vit +1

Resistance to Stun +1%

Zherlthsh.gif Zealotus Atk and Matk against Demihuman monsters +2%.
1275.gif Alice Mdef +1

Reduce damages taken from Demihuman monsters by 1%.

12081.gif Wanderer Agi +3

Dex +1

1631.gif Chung E Def +1

Increases resistance to Demi-human attacks by 1%

1513.gif Mao Guai MaxSP +10
1586.gif Leaf Cat Increases tolerance to Brute monsters by 3%.
Loli Ruri.gif Loli Ruri Increases MaxHP by 3%

Has a chance of auto-casting Level 1 Heal when being attacked physically.

11431.gif Marionnete Increase SP recovery rate by 3%.
1401.gif Shinobi Agi +2
1185.gif Whisper Flee +7

Def -3

1299.gif Goblin Leader Increases damage to Demi human monsters by 3%.
Evil Nymph.gif Evil Nymph MaxSP +30, Increases SP regeneration by 5%
1404.gif Miyabi Doll Int +1

Decreases spell casting time by 3%.

1504.gif Dullahan Critical Rate +5
1148.gif Medusa Vit +1

Increases tolerance to Curse status by 5%.

1495.gif Stone Shooter Increases tolerance to Fire skills by 3%.
1374.gif Incubus MaxSP +3%
1040.gif Golem Flee -5

MaxHP + 100

1379.gif Nightmare Terror Gain immunity to the Sleep status.
1370.gif Succubus While physically attacking, physical damage done to enemy, 5% will transfer as your HP
1837.gif Imp Increases resistance to Fireelement by 2%.

Increases damage to Fire element by 1%.