Turbo Track Shop

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Prize Medal Shop is located inside Event Arena

Turbo Track Points s obtained in Turbo Track Event,

The Shop is located inside Event Arena.


Consumable Shop
Item Sprite Price
Firecracker Firecracker.png 1 P
Professional Cooking Kit Professional Cooking Kit.png 1 P
Oridecon Hammer Oridecon Hammer.png 3 P
Royal Cooking Kit Royal Cooking Kit.png 3 P
Red Envelope Red Envelope.png 3 P
Speed Potion Speed Potion.png 4 P
Gift Box Gift Box.png 7 P
Job Battle Manual Job Battle Manual.png 10 P


Turbotrackshop foot.png


Turbotrackshop garment.png


Turbotrackshop costumes.png