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PvP Clash Gatekeeper

The PvP Clash offers an open arena where teams battle for victory, earning scores redeemable for Exp, Zeny, or Badges.

Teams are randomly selected for each match, with arena parameters randomly generated afterward.

The number of teams can vary from 2 to 4 and consist of 2 to 4 members each. All players receive class-specific consumables akin to battlegrounds.

Each player will receive a certain number of consumable items, such as those used in Battlegrounds. Players can also use their private items additionally.

Hall of Fame

PvP Clash Podium

The PvP Clash Podium is determined by the player score, calculated as the sum of Kills minus Deaths.

The top 3 players will have their statues displayed in the PvP Room, along with their scores.

At the beginning of each day, all player ranks decrease by 10%. The rankings are completely reset at the start of every Friday.

Ranked players receive additional PvP clash points for winning matches as following:

Position Bonus
#1 50%
#2 30%
#3 15%

Consumables List

Battlegrounds Lv4. Increase Agility  Scroll


Sprite Item
30000.png BG Red Potion
30001.png BG Blue Potion
30002.png BG Panacea
30029.png BG Concentration Potion
30030.png BG Awakening Potion
30031.png BG Berserk Potion
30003.png BG Lv.4 Increase Agility
30045.png BG Boarding Halter


Sprite Item
30005.png BG Trap

Assasin Cross

Sprite Item
30006.png BG Poison Bottle
30008.png BG Stone


Sprite Item
30008.png BG Stone

High Priest

Sprite Item
30009.png BG Holy Water
30012.png BG Blue Gemstone


Sprite Item
30018.png BG Iron Ore
30019.png BG Iron
30020.png BG Steel
30021.png BG Rough Oridecon


Sprite Item
30038.png BG Flame Stone
30039.png BG Ice Stone
30040.png BG Wind Stone
30041.png BG Shadow Orb

High Wizard

Sprite Item
30010.png BG Yellow Gemstone
30011.png BG Red Gemstone
30012.png BG Blue Gemstone


Sprite Item
30010.png BG Yellow Gemstone
30011.png BG Red Gemstone
30012.png BG Blue Gemstone
30013.png BG Cobweb
30014.png BG Red Blood
30015.png BG Crystal Blue
30016.png BG Wind of Verdure
30017.png BG Green Live


Sprite Item
30032.png BG Red Potion
30033.png BG Orange Potion
30034.png BG Yellow Potion
30028.png BG White Potion
30027.png BG Blue Potion
30035.png BG Condensed Red Potion
30036.png BG Condensed Yellow Potion
30037.png BG Condensed White Potion
30022.png BG Bottle Granade
30023.png BG Acid Bottle
30024.png BG Plant Bottle
30025.png BG Marine Sphere Bottle
30026.png BG Glistening Coat

Super Novice

Sprite Item
30011.png BG Red Gemstone
30012.png BG Blue Gemstone