Coin Trader

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The Coin Trader is located inside Event Arena.

Coin Trader is located inside Event Arena

Monster Coin.gifMonster Coin is obtained through monster drops.

MvP Scroll

MvP Scroll List
Item Spr. MvP Coin Trader Exchange
MvP-E Scroll MvP-E Scroll.gif Class E 15 x Monster Coin
MvP-D Scroll MvP-D Scroll.gif Class D 35 x Monster Coin
MvP-C Scroll MvP-C Scroll.gif Class C 80 x Monster Coin
MvP-B Scroll MvP-B Scroll.gif Class B 115 x Monster Coin
MvP-A Scroll MvP-A Scroll.gif Class A 200 x Monster Coin
MvP-Bio Soul MvP-A Scroll Bio Class 275 x Monster Coin


Cointrader costume.png