Pirate Raid

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Captain Ferlock

The Ship Captain is sailing to the coastal cities of Rune Midgard, including Izlude, Amatsu, Alberta, Comodo, with the goal of looting their wealth.

However, the warriors of Rune Midgard have united to protect their cities and their riches.

Join the Ship Captain on this quest for revenge and help him loot rare ores such as Oridecon and Elunium that are hard to come by in the Maroll Kingdom.

It will not be an easy task, but with your help, the Ship Captain may be able to claim the treasures he seeks.


Every 60 minutes, Captain Ferlock recruits members for his crew to raid and plunder a Midgard Coastal City.

You can join the crew for a fee of 10,000 zeny and participate in the Midgard loot raid.

The objective is to open treasure boxes scattered throughout the city, but be cautious as Midgardians will defend their town vigorously.

Pirate Ship
Comodo Raid

The Raid

At the beginning of the raid, you'll be transported to the captain's ship where final preparations can be made. On the ship, you'll find Kafra and tool shop services available.


Additionally, each player will receive Coconuts and Shrimps, exclusive consumables designed to restore HP and SP during the raid, at no cost. However, they are limited in quantity.

Treasure Boxes

Once the crew reaches the city, the ship will dock, and the raid commences. Treasure box locations will be marked as red dots on the mini-map. To open a box, approach it and click, then wait for it to open. If you're hit during the process, you'll need to start over.


Midgardians defending the city wear a special combo set. They have a 0.50% chance of dropping their headgear and weapon, as well as Bravery and Valor Badges. Keep in mind that killing a Midgardian results in losing -1 fame point.


There are no specific rules regarding teaming up for the pirate raid. However, if a crew member kills another, they'll be kicked out of the raid, effectively becoming the deceased member.


Each treasure box contains loot. If the crew successfully collects all boxes on the map, the Ship Captain will reward all crew members with an exclusive Costume Treasure Chest. This chest may or may not contain a costume.

The event concludes after 15 minutes. If not all treasure boxes are collected by then, the crew returns to Trinity Port without receiving any additional treasure.

Costume Chest Droplist

Costume Treasure Chest 1
Item Sprite Chance
Biretta Costume 2217.png 3.00%
Bucket Hat Costume 5120.png 3.00%
Stellar Costume 2294.gif 3.00%
Super Novice Hat Costume 5119.png 3.00%
Tulip Hairpin Costume 5077.gif 3.00%
X Hairpin Costume 5079.gif 3.00%
Wedding Veil Costume 2206.gif 3.00%
Unicorn Horn Costume 2257.gif 3.00%
Costume Treasure Chest 2
Item Sprite Chance
Hat Costume 2221.png 3.00%
Pretend Murdered Costume 2293.gif 3.00%
Big Ribbon Costume 5348.png 3.00%
Tiara Costume 5164.png 3.00%
Turban Costume 2223.png 3.00%
Bomb Wick Costume 2279.gif 3.00%
Stop Post Costume 2272.gif 3.00%
Sunflower Costume 5351.png 3.00%
Costume Treasure Chest 3
Item Sprite Chance
Blue Hairband Costume 5052.gif 3.00%
Heart Hairpin Costume 5041.gif 3.00%
Parcel Hat Costume 5023.gif 3.00%
Party Hat Costume 5060.gif 3.00%
Rainbow Eggshell Costume 5039.gif 3.00%
Striped Hairband Costume 5049.gif 3.00%
Bulb Band Costume 5034.gif 3.00%
Nut Shell Costume 5037.gif 3.00%
Aerial Costume 5011.gif 3.00%
Costume Treasure Chest 4
Item Sprite Chance
Giant Band Aid Costume 5063.gif 3.00%
Santa Hat 2236.gif 3.00%
Golden Gear Costume 5159.png 3.00%
Hair Band Costume 2210.gif 3.00%
Mini Propeller Costume 2259.gif 3.00%
Ribbon Costume 2209.png 3.00%
Goggles Costume 2225.gif 3.00%
Funeral Hat Costume 2290.gif 3.00%
Green Feeler Costume 2298.gif 3.00%
Costume Treasure Chest 5
Item Sprite Chance
Flower Band Costume 2215.gif 3.00%
Flower Hairpin Costume 5061.gif 3.00%
Cake Hat Costume 5024.gif 3.00%
Circlet Costume 2233.png 3.00%
Cresent Hairpin Costume 5048.gif 3.00%
Candle Costume 5028.gif 3.00%
Cross Hat Costume 5036.gif 3.00%
Decorative Mushroom Costume 5082.gif 3.00%
Coif Costume 5093.gif 3.00%