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The custom dress changer in Maroll Kingdom allows players to customize their character's appearance by changing their hairstyle and clothing colors. To use the dress changer, players can access the open Hairstyle Catalog and choose the colors they want to use for their clothes and hair. The colors can be selected by name, or players can navigate through the catalog to find the colors they want.

Once players have chosen their colors, they can decide whether they want to make a permanent or temporary change. A temporary change will disappear as soon as the character logs off, while a permanent change will remain in place until the player chooses to change it again. To make a permanent change, players will need to consume a dyesetuff material corresponding to the color they have chosen. These materials can be purchased from the Monster Coin Shop, and they are used to recolor the character's clothes and hair.

Additionally, players can also change their hairstyle by purchasing a hairstyle ticket from the Stylist NPC for 50,000 zeny. This allows players to experiment with different hairstyles and find the one that best suits their character and playstyle. Overall, the custom dress changer provides a convenient and flexible way for players to customize their character's appearance in Maroll Kingdom.

Coin Trader Shop

The Coin Trader is located inside Event Arena. All kind of Dyestuff can be bought for 5 x Prize Medal.gif Prize Medals each.

Dyestuff List
Dyestuff Sprite Color
Scarlet Dyestuffs 975.gif Red
Lemon Dyestuffs 976.gif Yellow
Cobaltblue Dyestuffs 978.gif Blue
Darkgreen Dyestuffs 979.gif Green
Orange Dyestuffs 980.gif Orange
Violet Dyestuffs 981.gif Purple
White Dyestuffs 982.gif White
Black Dyestuffs 983.gif Black

Stylist Shop

Item Sprite Price
Haircut Ticket Pass.gif 50.000 zeny
Male Hairstyle Catalog