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The viewpoint indicates the location of the spirits.

Every 4 hours, the server switches between Day mode and Night mode. Occasionally during Night Mode, a mysterious fog may envelop a coastal Midgard town, signaling an impending Pirate Spirit attack.

Pirate spirits haunt the town, and those who defeat them are rewarded with Pirate Treasure Loot.

The treasure chest spawned after a pirate spirit's defeat may contain one of the three PvP treasures from PvP Deathmatch: Gerd Treasure, Jerrik Treasure, and Brynjar Treasure.

Once all pirate spirits are vanquished or after some time passes, the fog dissipates, and the town returns to normalcy.

The spirit mobs receive 1 damage from all sources and have a high rate of teleportation skill usage.

The viewpoint on the minimap indicates the location of the spirits.

Pirate Spirit.png


Gerd Treasure Chest
Item Sprite Chance
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 63.00%
Elunium Elunium.gif 53.00%
Black Leather Boots [1] 2434.png 8.00%
Pantie [1] 2371.png 7.00%
Divine Cloth [1] 2366.png 4.50%
Undershirt [1] 2523.png 4.50%
Saint's Robe [1] 2326.png 4.50%
Jewelry Box 12106.png 4.50%
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 3.00%
Jerrik Treasure Chest
Item Sprite Chance
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 13.00%
Elunium Elunium.gif 93.00
High Heels [1] 2432.png 7.50%
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 6.00%
Mink Coat [1] 2311.png 4.50%
Formal Suit [1] 2320.png 4.50%
Silk Robe [1] 2322.png 4.50%
Glittering Jacket [1] 2319.png 2.50%
Wrapped Lower Headgear 40029.gif 1.00%
Brynjar Treasure Chest
Item Sprite Chance
Oridecon Oridecon.gif 70.00%
Elunium Elunium.gif 70.00%
Stat Crystal Stat Crystal.gif 10.00%
Sprint Shoes [1] 2440.png 7.50%
Tidal Shoes [1] 2424.png 7.50%
Sprint Mail [1] 2387.png 4.50%
Odin's Blessing [1] 2353.png 4.50%
Wool Scarf [1] 2528.png 3.50%
Pauldron [1] 2514.png 3.50%
Middle Costume Box 40028.gif 3.00%