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Enhancement Shop is located at Trinity Nortwest area

Enchantments or upgrades are ways to improve your equipment in Maroll Kingdom. These enhancements are separated into two types, and they are applied by different workers in the game.

  • Armors and top headgears can be enchanted by Apprentice Craftsman using orbs(Lv.1), crystals (Lv. 2), or gemstones (Lv. 3). These enchantments provide bonuses to basic stats and substats, such as vitality, defense, maximum hit points, and dexterity. Only one enchantment can be applied to a piece of equipment in this way, and there is a chance that the gear may break when the enchantment is attempted for Lv.1. It wont preserve the refinements or cards.
  • Weapons and shields, on the other hand, can be improved by Enhancement Master. In this case, there is no chance of the equipment breaking, and any refinements or cards that are already applied to the gear will be preserved. The number of times a weapon can be enchanted is inversely proportional to the number of card slots it has, while the number of enchantments that can be applied to a shield depends on its class. Bravery Badges are consumed to enhance weapons and shields.

Apprentice Craftsman

Thief Clothes[1] [LUK +2]Enchanted with Crystal of Fortune (Lv.2)

You have the option to choose from five different powers to enchant both your armor and top headgear. Each power has the potential to randomly add one of three bonuses.

Top headgear can only be enchanted up to Lv. 1, while armor can undergo enchantment three times, reaching Lv. 3.

To upgrade your armor to a higher level, a direct approach isn't possible. Instead, you must first enhance it with an Orb (Lv. 1), then with a Crystal (Lv. 2), and finally with a Gemstone (Lv. 3).

During the initial enhancement, the bestowed power will be randomly chosen from the three available options for each attribute. Subsequent enchantments will retain the original power bonuses. However, there is a risk of equipment breakage during Lv. 1 grade enhancement attempts.

Additionally, you can enhance any gear to the lowest grade, even if it's already enchanted.

Bonus List

Check below every possible enchant.

Orbs (Lv. 1)

  • Apply: Armor and Top Headgear
  • Cost 1.000 zeny
Name Sprite Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
Orb of Damaging 40001.png Str +1 Dex +1 Hit +6
Orb of Winsdom 40002.png Int +1 MDef +2 MaxSp +60
Orb of Vigor 40003.png Vit +1 Def +2 MaxHp +300
Orb of Quickness 40004.png Agi +1 Flee +6 Aspd + 2%
Orb of Fortune 40005.png Luk +1 Crit +4 Dodge +2

Crystal (Lv. 2)

  • Apply: Armor
  • Cost 5.000 zeny
Name Sprite Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
Crystal of Damaging 40006.png Str +2 Dex +2 Hit +8
Crystal of Winsdom 40007.png Int +2 MDef +3 MaxSp +80
Crystal of Vigor 40008.png Vit +2 Def +3 MaxHp +500
Crystal of Quickness 40009.png Agi +2 Flee +8 Aspd + 3%
Crystal of Fortune 40010.png Luk +2 Crit +6 Dodge +4

Gemstone (Lv. 3)

  • Apply: Armor
  • Cost 25.000 zeny
Name Sprite Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
Gemstone of Damaging 40011.png Str +3 Dex +3 Hit +10
Gemstone of Winsdom 40012.png Int +3 MDef +4 MaxSp +100
Gemstone of Vigor 40013.png Vit +3 Def +4 MaxHp +700
Gemstone of Quickness 40014.png Agi +3 Flee +10 Aspd + 4%
Gemstone of Fortune 40015.png Luk +3 Crit +8 Dodge +6

Enhancement Master

Every weapon and shield can be enhanced, and there is no chance of failure. It is also possible to add enhancements on top of previous enhancements. However, there is a 5,000 zeny fee and you will need a certain amount of materials for each enhancement. If all of the equipment slots on the weapon or shield are already full, you will need to provide 50% more materials to add a new enhancement on top of the previous ones.

Equipment Material First Attempt Overwrite Cost
Shield Valor Badge 50 x BG Badge.gif 75 x BG Badge.gif
Weapon Bravery Badge 100 x BG Badge.gif 150 x BG Badge.gif

In addition to the enhancement expenses, there are the BG Valorous Weapon Enhance Ticket that can replace the materials cost for weapon enhancement.

However, it is specifically for adding any bonus effects to BG Valorous Weapon only.

Weapon Bonus List

Claymore[2] enhanced with 2 options

The number of times a weapon can be enchanted is determined by the number of card slots it has. For example, if a weapon has 3 card slots, it can only be enhanced once. However, if a weapon has 1 card slot, it can be enhanced up to 3 times. In general, the fewer card slots a weapon has, the more times it can be enhanced.


  • Claymore [2] - Have 2 enhancement slots
  • Gladius [3] - Have 1 enhancement slot
  • Main Gauche [4] - Can't be enhanced

Basic Stats

Stat Minimum Maximum
STR 1 2
AGI 1 2
VIT 1 2
LUK 1 2
INT 1 2
DEX 1 1


Stat Minimum Maximum
Aspd 2% 5%
Atk 10 25
Matk 15 30
Hit 5 15
Critical 3 5

Status Effect

Effect Minimum Maximum
Blind 1% 4%
Confusion 1% 4%
Curse 1% 4%
Freeze 1% 4%
Poison 1% 4%
Silence 1% 4%
Sleep 1% 4%
Stone Curse 1% 4%
Stun 1% 4%

Physical Damage

Race Minimum Maximum
DemiHuman 5% 15%
Emperium / Guardian Stone 5% 15%
Guardians 5% 15%

Magical Damage

Race Minimum Maximum
DemiHuman 2% 6%
Emperium / Guardian Stone 2% 6%
Guardians 2% 6%

Weapon Miscellaneous

Bonus Minimum Maximum
Unbreakable 100% 100%
Healing Power 3% 6%
Sp Consumption -5% -10%

Shield Bonus List

Platinum Shield enhanced with 2 options (Class C shield)

The number of time a shield can be enhanced depend on it class.

  • Class A - Can't be enhanced
  • Class B - 1 slot
  • Class C - 2 slots


Stat Minimum Maximum
Aspd 2% 5%
MaxHp 2% 5%
MaxSp 1% 3%
Def 1 2
Mdef 1 3
Flee 5 10
Dodge 1 2

Element Resistance

Element Minimum Maximum
Water 5% 10%
Earth 5% 10%
Fire 5% 10%
Wind 5% 10%
Poison 5% 10%
Holy 5% 10%
Dark 5% 10%
Ghost 5% 10%
Undead 5% 10%


Bonus Minimum Maximum
Sp Consumption -5% -10%
Cast Rate -2% -5%
Healing Power 5% 10%


Shield Class List

The number of time a shield can be enhanced depend on it class.

  • Class A - Can't be enhanced
  • Class B - 1 slot
  • Class C - 2 slots

Class A

  • Can't be enhanced
Sprite Shield
2115.png Valkyrja's Shield [1]

Class B

  • Can have only one enhancement
Sprite Shield
2124.png Thorny Buckler [1]
2123.png Orleans's Server [1]
2138.png Bradium Shield [1]

Class C

  • Can have two enhancements
Sprite Shield
2102.png Apprentice Guard
2102.png Guard [1]
2104.png Buckler [1]
2106.png Shield [1]
2108.png Mirror Shield [1]
2118.png Arm Guard [1]
2120.png Advanced Arm Guard [1]
2122.png Platinum Shield