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Eden Headquarter Room
Eden Headquarter - Hunting Board
Instructor Boya is the designated exchange officer for the Eden Group

Eden HQ is the perfect place for new players to start their journey. We have a Hunting Board where you can sign up for quests and take on challenging monsters. Our unique dungeons are home to Class E monsters of different elements, and at the end of each quest, you'll be rewarded with valuable consumables and experience points.


The Eden Headquarter is quite simple in Maroll Kingdom. There is a building located in Trinity Town where contains 6 different dungeons, each one populated mostly by monsters of the same element.

Eden Headquarter Entrance

Hunting Board

For every dungeon there is a specific quest wich can be found in the Hunting Board. Only one hunting quest can be selected at a time.

After completing a quest, there is a 30-minute waiting period before starting it again. However, during this time, you can start another quest without any delay.

Item Sprite Amount
Yellow Potion Yellow Potion.gif 30
Strawberry Strawberry.gif 20
Fly Wing Fly Wing.gif 10
Concentration Potion Concentration Potion.gif 3

Base Exp: 5%~95% to the next Base Level.

Job Exp: 5%~95% to the next Job Level.

*The amount of experience gained depends on the character's base level, with higher base levels resulting in less experience earned.

Eden Gears

Every time you complete a hunting quest and receive your reward, you will earn one point. You can then use these points to obtain either gear or badges.

Please be aware that if you choose to exchange your points, your entire hunting score will be reset. So it is important to consider your options carefully before making a decision.

Badge Exchange Rate
Badge Amount Hunting Score
BG Badge.gif Bravery Badge 25 1
BG Badge.gif Valor Badge 10 1

Eden Group Hat

The Eden Group Hat can be obtained in exchange for at least three of any hunting score points.

Edenhq hat.png

Eden Coat

You can claim an Eden Coat as a reward upon completing the same hunting quest three times in a row.

Edenhq coat.png

Eden Boots

Upon successfully finishing two distinct quests a minimum of twice, you can claim for an Eden Boots.

Edenhq boot.png

Eden Manteau

Upon completion of every hunting quest at least once, you will be rewarded with an Eden Manteau.

Edenhq manteau.png