Schwartzvald Advance

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Schwartzvald Republic warriors are relentless in their attacks on Midgard Kingdom's feud-bearing towns, aiming to seize control of the realm. In response, Midgard has called upon Marollean warriors to aid in repelling the Schwartzvald invasion.


Sniper and a Paladin attacking player

For 30 minutes, a randomly selected town will come under attack by Schwartzvald warriors, humanoid mobs equipped with job class weapons and using the class skill artificial intelligence. Each enemy wields a class-specific weapon and can wear both top and middle headgear. Upon defeat, they may drop their weapons, headgear, badges, and other loot such as ores.

Defeating these foes earns players 1 Fame Point. Players aligned with the ruling faction of the town feud have a doubled chance of obtaining the headgear and weapon worn by the mobs.

Note: Players cannot open a Vending Store, Buying Store, or Chatroom while the event is running in the town. Players who already have a chatroom, vending store, or buying store open will be immune to all attacks.

Midgard Citizens

During the event's activation in a particular city, its residents will be automatically transported to a designated safe zone, the location of which varies depending on the town. While in the safe zone, players cannot interact with the citizens, but there's no risk of the citizens disappearing while in this area.

Town Safe Zone
Aldebaran Kafra Corp.
Geffen Geffen Tower
Payon Payon Palaces
Prontera Prontera Castle

Drop List

Type Chance
Weapon 1,00%
Top Headgear 0,75%
Middle Headgear 0,45%
Item Chance
BG Badge.gifValor Badge 85.00%
BG Badge.gifValor Badge 50.00%
11522.pngRed Raffle Sap 12,50%
Grape Jucie.pngGrape Juice 7,00%
Rough Elunium.gifRough Elunium 2,00%
Rough Oridecon.gifRough Oridecon 1,50%
Stat Orb.gifStat Orb 0,75%
Old Card Album.gifOld Card Album 0,50%
Emperium.gifEmperium 0,25%